Window Privacy

If you are tired of feeling like the the world can peer into your home
at night or the mailman dropping off packages during the day. 
The neighborhood kids popping over to play with your littles, 
or just want to walk around in your bathrobe all day without 
feeling like a turd, then this privacy window film is for you!

Window Privacy Before & After

 I picked up a tube of 'window film' from Home Depot
and with a spray bottle of water and soap, it was very
easy to apply. I'd measure your window out first and then
cut to fit. You'll want to leave a little room on the edges, so
the air and water can be squeegeed out from underneath and 
give you a little room to move it around a bit if you are a 
perfectionist. I tried to pick out the less gaudy print without
it being too blah. The one I used is called Etched Lace.

Window Privacy Before & After

If you have high windows that can't be covered with 
curtains or that let in a bunch of sun or heat, 
you can buy tinted film as well. The lack of 
curtains that are bound to get dusty and the clean lines 
of simplicity appealed to me with this privacy film. 
I need to run out and buy more for our sunroom!

Window Privacy Before & After

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