Date in a box PRINTABLES

When you’ve been with your partner for a few years, it’s important to find new ways to enjoy your time together. It’s completely normal to seek excitement, and date nights are a great way to keep things fresh and new in your relationship. Regardless of how old your relationship is, going on dates or even just spending time with each other should be a constant part of it. A different and interesting way of planning dates is by making a date night box.

Date in a box Printables

The way to begin making one of these is to first think of a theme. If you’ve been with your partner for awhile, you can use your memories and cherished experiences to find a theme that is unique to your relationship. It’s a fun way to show your partner how much you appreciate your partner and the time you’ve spent together. To help get you started, Gifts.com has come up with some ideas for your date night box, along with printables! You can use these as they are or customize them, so get ready to truly make the most out of your dates! And remember to have fun while creating new memories with your loved one.

Summer Tips from a 10 Year Old

I asked my 10 year old son to write a blog post after his school year ended and with a roll of his eyes, massive sigh and threat to not get to play xbox for the remainder of the summer, this is what he came up with...

Summer Tips from a 10 Year Old

Other than playing video games all day during the summer, I would rather...

Go camping, have fun, stay up late, watch movies, spend time with my family, explore new cultures, play with my friends, "don't get hurt", make new friends and go swimming.

The advice I'd like to give others is...don't care what people think about you, be yourself, be kind, care about others, treat each other equally and do what's best for you! Get a tan, grow up, be happy, listen to your parents, follow instructions, help with chores, don't talk back and remain calm.

Age 10


Pretty good advice from a 10 year old but I know he'd rather be playing video games, haha!


Fun and Free Kitchen Printables

These 28 free kitchen printables from Kitchen Cabinet Kings are great if you need to add a quick
decorative pop to your kitchen and/or dining area. There are many different design types to fit all
styles of kitchen, whether it’s modern, family-friendly, or rustic farmhouse.

I personally love the “Family Makes This House a Home” printable, it’s perfect for my family dining area.
Check out the other printables, download the ones you like and print them out at home or at your local
print shop. Frame them and hang them anywhere you have empty wall space.

Free Kitchen Printables - Home Decor


Easter Egg Hunt Clue Printables

Spring has sprung!

I love Easter time, as it usually brings warmer weather and gorgeous flowers. Although this year, winter decided it just wasn't done sharing it's chilly white blanket with the rest of the world. No matter where you are rain or shine, may you enjoy Easter Sunday with your family.

Easter Egg Hunt Clue PRINTABLES free

After attending a celebration of CHrist's resurrection, you can go home and reiterate Jesus' promise - "I've come to give you new life and give it abundantly" - with an Easter egg hunt. Eggs represent new life and so do baby bunnies! 

Hiding Easter eggs around the yard or inside your home while keeping peeking eyes away is always a blast. My kids beg me to hide the eggs again after they've already found them all. Seeing their laughing eyes and smiles gets this Mama's heart every year. Whether you prefer to host your Easter egg hunt inside or outdoors, consider incorporating these adorable printables from Personal Creations into your Easter Sunday activities.

 FILL IN THE BLANK - Easter Egg Hunt Clue Printables
 OUTDOOR Easter Egg Hunt Clue Printables  INDOOR Easter Egg Hunt Clues Printable

(please click on each individual Easter Egg clue photo to open printable links)

My favorite printable is the fill-in the blank clues, as you can really get creative with your hiding places! What’s your favorite Easter tradition?


St. Patrick's Day Word Search

Happy March y'all! The third month of the year seems to always roar in like a lion, sometimes bringing bitter cold temps and other years, sweet tiny flower buds. Whatever weather you're having I hope your March is a lucky one!

If you are looking for an activity to do with your kiddos, you've hit the jackpot! Good luck abounds as your kids work to find new words with this St. Patrick's day worksheet

St Patrick's Day Word Search - Kid Craft

For more entertaining spelling activities, go to Education.com!


Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Happy Valentine's Day 2018!

Here's a look back on some fun Valentine Day Craft Ideas I've posted on my blog for Valentine's past but now they are all wrapped up neatly in one post for you! Looking back on these makes me feel like a total slacker this year BUT I'm happy to say, I'm using all the decor I've made in the past still today! Hope you enjoy and have a LOVEly day spreading LOVE around!

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