DIY Jewelry Holder from an Upcycled Door

I love summer!! Not only do I love the warm weather but I feel like I can tackle my mile long DIY to do list and finish it in only a day! That never happens...but I do check items off and add new ones!

My latest DIY is this jewelry holder that I made for our neighbors teen daughter. I've been helping make over her room and she needed a place to put all of her pretty baubles instead of the top of her dresser. 

DIY Jewelry Holder - Upcycled Door - LeroyLime

The shutter was FREE, can't beat that! It's actually half of a folding shutter door that we removed from our laundry room closet area. The doors were never shut and the laundry room closet is pretty enough to leave exposed, so we removed the doors and hardware. The other half of this door, I have on our mantle. I quickly took a sander and roughed up the edges a bit for more of a chippy paint look and then painted the wooden knob, that I kept when I cut the door in half, and the entire edge with two coats of chalk paint.

DIY Jewelry Holder - Upcycled Door - LeroyLime

I drilled three holes on the larger top section of the door to add three door knobs but when screwing one of them in, it broke...it happens...oh well, I had just finished organizing my hubby's tools in the garage and knew I had a few hooks left over from an IKEA haul, so I added those instead.

The only purchase I made for this project was a box of white cup hooks that I predrilled before screwing in. The ones on the sides I placed at 12 inches apart to allow for necklaces to hang. The bottom row is great for bracelets or more necklaces and the middle portion of the door, is the perfect spot to keep earrings untangled and paired together. 

I attached a large hardy picture hanger hardware on the back and can now say that this jewelry holder is feeling glamorous and is so happy not sitting in the wood pile in our garage.

DIY Jewelry Holder - Upcycled Door - LeroyLime

Paint Color: Home Decor Chalk Paint
34803 - Patina

DIY Jewelry Holder - Upcycled Door - LeroyLime


Friday Favorites - Week 330 - Summer DIY

Happy sunny Friday All!! Hope you've been soaking in the vitamin D, enjoying the pool, getting your hands dirty in the garden and tackling any DIY projects while the weather is warm enough to work outside! We are back from our family trip to Iowa and it feels good to get back into the swing of things at home again...and back to more DIY! I can never get enough DIY, so with that in mind, these 4 awesome summer DIY projects screamed at me this week, aren't they FANTASTIC?! 

awesome summer DIY projects - Friday Favorites Features - leroylime

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I used the FREE online collage maker fotojet to make the stunning collage above. It was very easy to use and quite similar to a few other editing programs I've used before. 

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Friday Favorites - Week 329 - Peaches

Happy Friday y'all!! This post is going to be short and sweet...my family and I have been enjoying spending time on my parents farm in Iowa before we head back to our daily routine and these sweet peach recipes caught my eye for this weeks favorites, I can't wait to try them out!

Peaches - Friday Favorites Features - leroylime

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Friday Favorites - Week 328 - DIY Wedding Sign

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you are all having fun in the sun soaking up lots of natural vitamin D and enjoying summer now that it's in full swing!

Who doesn't love a summer wedding? I fell in love with this DIY Rustic Wedding Sign that The Country Chic Cottage posted on myprintly.com. I've always been a little hesitant to paint a sign but this tutorial made it look so easy, I can't wait to make one for myself, with a different phrase of course...or maybe just an arrow. The sky's the limit on what you can create.

DIY rustic wedding sign

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Friday Favorites - Week 327 - Red, White & Blue

Who's ready to celebrate?! It's Friday, summer AND almost July 4th! 
Hope you all have a very safe and fun 4th of July with friends and family...
on to my favorites this week, they pack a big punch starring your favorite patriotic colors,

3 RED WHITE & BLUE DIY IDEAS - Friday Favorites Features - LeroyLime

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Friday Favorites - Week 326 - Chocolate

Happy Friday and happy "official" summer!! We've already had a bunch of excitement in our house. 1 Ambulance ride to the ER, 2 baseball games, 3 trips to the library, 4 Dr. appointments and 5 staples (from the kiddo who rode to the ER in an ambulance) oh my! The staples have been removed, no concussion was had and fingers crossed the rest of the summer slows down a bit, whew!

Our youngest turns three on Monday and her favorite treat is anything chocolate, so this week's features will deliciously melt in your mouth, enjoy!

did someone say CHOCOLATE - Friday Favorites Features - LeroyLime

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Friday Favorites - Week 325 - Gardener Goods

Happy Friday y'all!! School is finally over for the summer, hooray!! Time to settle in at the pool, sign up for the summer reading program at your nearest library, pump up those bike tires and start enjoying those fresh garden greens!

Our teachers enjoyed their end of school gift - may all teachers everywhere have a wonderful relaxing and refreshing summer!

This week's features are all related to gardening, don't they look lovely together?!

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Quick Bench Makeover

We've had this red bench for about 12 years. Picked it up from IKEA in Germany for our small hall entryway and it was the perfect fit. Each home we've moved into, the bench has found a useful spot, except our current home. I actually had it out in our garage sale and I'm surprised no one snatched it up. 

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

The red has left our home for more soothing grey tones but the bench still had so much life left in it, I decided to try to paint it. Looked up a how-to on Pinterest and a few blogs and no luck, total Pinterest fail. After cleaning out a closet, I found a grey tablecloth that we had used as a curtain in our youngest nursery. 

I pulled out the staple gun and started stapling, starting from the center and working my way out. Once I had the long side stapled, the ends were a bit trickier. I've never recovered anything before but you've got to start somewhere.

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

The fabric at the ends was too much to staple, so I pulled it towards the center, stapling as I smoothed out the wrinkles and ended up cutting out quite a bit of fabric before folding over the very top section and stapling underneath. Sort of looks like an elephant's trunk...

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

and now I have the perfect bench for the sewing side of my craft table. When it's not being used, it tucks neatly underneath the desk.

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime


End of Year Teacher Gift

Today marks the end of the school year here in Virginia. With that, an appreciation to all teachers for their love, dedication and grace in the classroom throughout the year. 

End of Year Teacher Gift - Summer Themed - LeroyLime

I love putting together themed gifts and this gift has a bit of summer flair going on.

Here's what was included:
1 - beach towel
1 - drink jar
1 - lemonade/ice tea mix
1 - ice cream scoop
1 - lemon
1 - spoon for stirring
2 - limes
1 - ice cream cone filled with bubbles

End of Year Teacher Gift - Summer Themed - LeroyLime

The ice cream cone was made with the Big Shot die cut machine and an XL die cut. The cone was then run through the Texture Boutique inside a dry embossing folder that resembled a waffle cone. A simple catchy note, "here's the SCOOP we hope you have a COOL summer", printed on cardstock and edged in ink with a sponge to pop off the white background made this large tag even cuter! 

My children all wrote a handwritten thank you on the back of the tag, including what they loved most about the year and their teacher. I'm so very proud of all of them and am very excited for summer!

End of Year Teacher Gift - Summer Themed - LeroyLime

May you all have a wonderful warm summer with your families and fill it with glorious memories to cherish forever. While you're at it, sip on some sweet iced tea!

End of Year Teacher Gift - Summer Themed - LeroyLime


Friday Favorites - Week 324 - Under the Sea Party

Happy Friday!! I love a good party and this Under the Sea Party from Jolee Studio takes the cake for this week's Friday Favorites Feature. There's just something about coordinated party decor that makes me swoon. This party is simple, creative and very doable for even the non-crafty. Just fabulous!!

 Under the Sea Party - Friday Favorites Feature - LeroyLime the Blog

My kiddos last full week of school is this week, so we've been running around finishing up school stuff, baseball, dance, prepping our summer schedule, Dr. appointments, etc. in the middle of all the crazy and keeping up with Etsy orders, here are two of my latest DIY projects.

Chalk Painted Octopus - easy diy - LeroyLime the blog

Pallet Herb Garden - DIY - LeroyLime the blog

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Chalk Painted Octopus

Who doesn't love a little octopus? I picked up this wooden guy at Home Goods awhile back when I was starting to pull things together for my kiddos shared bathroom and hid it away for a rainy day. 

Chalk Painted Octopus - easy redo - LeroyLime the Blog

Once I painted their bathroom, the current color of Guy, the octopus, wasn't what I wanted (I had always planned to paint it anyway), so I quickly slapped a coat of WHITE chalk paint on it...

Chalk Painted Octopus - easy redo - LeroyLime the Blog

and then another. After it was fully dry, I quickly sanded down the edges with an electric sander. No wax or poly was used on guy, so this project was quickly finished and hung in their bathroom. Isn't he cute?! So glad the warm weather is back, it means paint dries faster!

Chalk Painted Octopus - easy redo - LeroyLime the Blog


Pallet Herb Garden

My Father in Law and I rescued this raw pallet from our neighbor's curb last year and it sat and weathered in our back patio area just waiting to be useful. The poor lonely thing just needed a purpose to feel loved again and I believe we've found the perfect solution, as an herb garden!

DIY Pallet Herb Garden - Before & After - LeroyLime the Blog

My dear hubby was put to work, yet again. While I planted our garden, he cut pieces to fit into the bottoms of four sections. I had him remove just one of the boards on the front and had plans to paint the pallet but got a little bit impatient, so the painting will have to wait for another day, season, or never.

Turn your Pallet into an Herb Garden - DIY - LeroyLime the Blog

He sanded any rough edges and I quickly lined each section with weed barrier fabric, no stapling needed since the weight of the dirt will hold it into place. I just wanted to make sure my dirt would stay in each section and not wash through any cracks. Our 5 and 2 year old helped fill each section with dirt and then I arranged the herbs where I thought they looked best. Filling in with a flower where I was one short. Then gently placed each plant into it's new nesting home. 

A drink of fresh cold water...and I think the plants and pallet are quite happy together, wouldn't you agree?

Pallet Herb Garden - LeroyLime the Blog