Socially-Distant Printables to Welcome Your New Neighbor

Moving to a new place is not only a lot of work, but it can be lonely. Last year, people were buying up houses taking advantage of the historically low mortgage rates. Chances are, you had a new neighbor or two who moved in around your neighborhood. While we all have to keep safe and manage the number of people we come in contact with, there are still ways to make the new kid on the block feel welcomed.

Creating a welcome gift and leaving it on their doorstep is an easy and safe way to make someone feel welcome. Something as simple as writing down a few of your favorite recommendations for restaurants and coffee shops in the area can go a long way. Alternatively, bake a bath of homemade cookies and add a neighborly welcome card for a personal touch. It's probably a good idea to skip the nuts and other common ingredients that may cause allergic reactions!

If you're not much for baking, but you noticed they have little ones while they were moving, grab a coloring book or paint by number activity. Busy moms will appreciate the gesture, and it'll keep the kids occupied long enough to make acquaintances. Grab one of these four adorable printables to spice up your gift for your new friends, but don't forget your old friends while you're spreading the joy to your new ones! These acts of kindness can perk up anyone during the difficult time, and let's face, we've all had a few of those in the past year!

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