Tiny Chair Makeover

I've had these tiny metal chairs, from IKEA, for a few years now and in their current home on the bookshelf, I noticed that they didn't stand out since they blended in with their background. 
A quick coat of white spray paint and a little roughening up with a sanding block and these tiny chairs have embraced their easy makeover. 

If you have items in your home that just don't seem to stand out or you wish were a different color, don't get rid of them, give them a tiny makeover first and see if you fall in love with them all over again!


Guest Bathroom Fix

I've wanted to paint our guest bathroom for quite sometime and with the flock of guests coming to visit in 2016, I took a couple of hours and finally tackled it! 

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

The bathroom is a bit small which is why I chose to paint one single stripe instead of the entire bathroom. Since this room is in the basement, there are no windows which means, no natural light. 
I didn't go the typical horizontal stripe route but instead brought the stripe across the entire bathroom, and up onto the ceiling, like a rainbow. 

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

The taping was done quickly and I've a bit of practice on painting walls with all of our moving around...so I ran a quick light coat of the original builders paint color along the inside of the tape seam, where the stripe would go. After letting that dry completely, I pulled out my roller and got to work. I used two coats because I liked how it looked but probably could've gotten away with just one.

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

I didn't fuss much around the toilet, just took off the top lid and covered the tank with a trash bag. Also for ease of repainting or if I decided I just didn't like the look after I was done...while taping, I kept a border around the trim, which also means I didn't have any paint running onto my trim or crazy touch ups next to the tile and I love the look of it!

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

I ran the vent cover through the dishwasher, hung the curtain back up and re accessorized. 
The little shelving rack above the toilet I picked up from World Market and it's the perfect place to hold washcloths within reach and also bottles of whatever guests bring with them. The counter space is a bit slim with just one sink, so I wanted to keep in mind that my guests would need somewhere to put their items.

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

 New towels are folded neatly under the sink along with a large apothecary jar filled with all sorts of hotel shampoos and such. I hope our guests will feel at home in this small but very useful space!

Paint Color : Gray Frost D57-3


Teacher Valentine's

 Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to forget last minute gifts, birthday cards or even a simple thank you card. With that being said, one thing I learned from my Mom is to have a gift box. Now don't go all crazy and buy everything on sale at Target but instead, buy with a purpose. I picked up these cute little chalkboard jars a few months ago from Target for $3 each, knowing that I had 4 teachers to buy for, I only picked up 4. The chalk wasn't next to the jars in the store but with the jars in mind, I thought a small little box of chalk would pair nicely for a gift. At $1 each, my gift total is under $5, total win!

Teacher Valentine's Day Gifts - Chalkboard Jars - LeroyLime

My craft stash always has paper, twine, ink and stamps, so a quick tag was made. I added a small red punched out paper heart to the mustache and let my kiddos write their names. A small chalk heart doodle on each of the jars and a cute little gift was put together without any stress. If you don't have stamps or ink, don't worry, instead grab a brown paper bag and cut out a heart. Let your kids doodle on it, write to, from, and tie onto a simple bag of M&M's. It doesn't have to be fancy or a printable to come from the heart. If you can't gift sweets, tie a tag onto a bag of apples or carrots instead, with the following written on your tag, "Valentine, an apple a day keeps the blues away" or "Valentine, you make my heart crunch", cause really...it's all about making someone smile!

Teacher Valentine's Day Gifts - Chalkboard Jars - LeroyLime

Happy Valentine's Day y'all.


8 Valentine Crafts & Decor

Who's ready for Valentine's Day? I can't believe it's this weekend already! If you haven't decorated yet, here are 8 Valentine Crafts and Decor that you can make with items you probably have in your home or craft stash! 

8 Valentine Crafts and Decor - LeroyLIme

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! 
- XOXO -

Mstr Bath Closet Redo - DIY

New year, new projects...our Master Bathroom linen closet birthed us with wire shelves, which we are slowly weeding out of our home in place of much prettier custom shelving that isn't quite so institutional. I forgot to take a photo with said shelves still installed, but if you've ever redone a closet, you know how quickly they can be removed with giddy excitement and a drill! 

master bathroom closet redo - DIY - LeroyLime

My handy hubs cut and sanded 1X2 and 1X6 Pine, secured the 1X2's directly into the studs and then I gave the closet a much needed coat of paint. The 1X6 boards took a bit longer, since there were more steps and I usually wait for naptimes to work with stain, paint or poly. I used one rag to apply Rust-Oleum Wood Stain in Kona and then another to wipe off the excess stain and bring out the pretty lines in the pine. I stained four boards before going back to wipe off the excess, then moved on to the next set of four boards, etc. After letting the boards dry overnight, I applied a thin layer of Minwax Polycrylic. Just one dip of the brush was the perfect amount for each board. A quick sand job between two coats of poly and the boards were complete!

master bathroom closet redo - DIY - LeroyLime

I have to say, this has been the easiest install so far...an 18 gauge 
finish nailer and wam bam, the shelves were installed.  

master bathroom closet redo - DIY - LeroyLime

Then onto the fun part, organization! I got rid of old nail polish, outdated prescriptions and cleaning products we never used. Snagged a few baskets from other areas in our home and grouped like items together. A jar from the pantry used to hold suckers and mints was the perfect place for accessible cough drops instead. One of our kiddos has to use a Nebulizer, so all of his medicine is together in one basket, including inhalers and extra tubing. Feminine products are up high since they are only needed once a month and extras in a larger bin. Toilet paper sits nicely on the tile floor.

master bathroom closet redo - DIY - LeroyLime

Here's to getting even MORE organized in 2016!!

master bathroom closet redo - DIY - LeroyLime


Top 10 DIY & Craft Posts in 2015

Where did January go?? We had my husband's 84 year old Grandmother here for three weeks in January, so we were busy showing her the sites and snow in Virginia, with our crazy three feet of white stuff last month. Now back to blogging... I have a list of projects to post this year and can't wait to share them all with you! But first, here are the top 10 DIY and Craft Posts from 2015.

Top 10 DIY & CRAFT Posts in 2015 - Minecraft, $1 Wreath, Wooden Pumpkins, Curbside Makeover, Rocking Chair Makeover, DIY Raised Garden Box, DIY Custom Closet, Gold Buckets, Paper Bag Banner - LEROYLIME

Such a fun year to look back on, I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for LeroyLime.