Coffee Filter Flowers

With the leftover coffee filters from my 3-D Heart
I whipped up these super simple and fun coffee filter flowers.

Coffee Filter Flowers Valentine Decor

I used the same technique as before, essentially folding each
filter in half and then pinching to make a stem in the center. 
I stuck the first flower inside the top of a paper straw and then
added two more filters for a fuller floral look.

Coffee Filter Flowers Valentine Decor

Careful with that hot glue gun on this project,
it just might bite a little!
A scrap of ribbon glued on the bottom of the flower
 helps to hide any odd layers as well.

Coffee Filter Flowers Valentine Decor

These would make a fun gift for your Valentine!

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Bibi B said...

These are my favorite, I will have to purchase some coffee filters and make them! Thanks for sharing :)