Fall/Halloween Decor

Growing up, we didn't celebrate Halloween...or decorate for it. My Mom would however let us put on a face mask (mine was either Strawberry Shortcake or a cat) and knock on three or four of our country farm neighbors doors. One being my Grandparents, who would always act like they had NO CLUE who we were but would fill our hands with all sort of yummy hard candies and pennies. As I got older, I grew to LOVE fall, all the warm colors, pumpkin pie scent (Starbucks coffee, yes please!) and making our house feel warm and cozy with fall decor. 

Now, I'm not one for the creepy part of Halloween, I won't let my kids pick out nasty costumes with blood dripping out of their mouths, knifes poking through their heads or aliens, gasp. That's a story for another day. But I do enjoy adding a bit of 'fun' creepy, if you can call it that, to salt and pepper our fall decor.

 I picked up this little black box at an antique shop a few years back. Usually I stand it up and place mini pumpkins and small paper signs in it but this year, I stuffed it with packing paper, threw some moss on top and then places these creepy hands here and there, I LOVE how it turned out!

Look closely next to the little fence...red beady eyes are peering back at you. I giggled as I put this little touch in our hutch, just knowing that my hubby would probably get a little shock the next time he grabbed a scotch glass!

Thanksgiving is part of fall too...I put it all out at once and then remove the Halloween bits after October is over.

Look what I found to put in my DIY shelf. I placed one of my necklaces on the little lady, adding some spider webs for a more creepy effect.

The little owl, white pumpkins and black tree are a few items I purchased this year, I had everything else packed away in my orange tubs, just waiting for new life and placement in our new home!

My pumpkins add such a warm glow, love 'em! The pre lit bulbs went kaput a few years ago, so I just stuck a few strands of Christmas tree lights in them to give them their life back.

Oops, forgot about the mummy...my son was dancing along with this little guy in the store, so I just HAD to bring him home, thought he looked great with the creepy hands sticking out of the ground.

Some fun towels for the kitchen, one of the first banners I listed in my LeroyLime shop and a glow in the dark rock.

What's your favorite??


Kimberly @ A Night Owl said...

i like the glowy pumpkins the best! ;) xo, Kimberly

michelle @ this little light said...

I'm definitely one for more of the "classic" Halloween look, too ... everything looks beautiful!

Lauren said...

Stopping by from the blog-working hop! I absolutely LOVE your book shelf decor! The pumpkins look so fantastic and the little owl is too cute!
Fizz and Frosting

Tarabelle said...

I think the creepy hands coming out of the black box are my favorite but they are all great!



SarahJane Miller said...

Wow, I am so impressed! It all is so cute and clever! I can't wait to have more space so I can decorate more toO!

kendra kay said...

i love the kitchen towels. im a huge fan of putting holiday towels out-i know it bugs my husband coz he thinks they are tacky...whatever. :)
im a new follower- found you on the hop. come by and visit me sometime. www.kendrakaypahukoa.blogspot.com
hope you have a great week!

meandmr.com said...

I love it! Yeah halloween!

Nicole said...

Love all of these fun decorations! I am not big on gore & blood for Halloween, but I love HAPPY Halloween! Looks great :)

Found you via Blogworking Wednesdays!

Miriam said...

fun decor!
thank you for visiting my blog and following!
i'm following you back! <3

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Haha! I love that you put the rat right next to your hubbys scotch glasses. hehehe.. too funny lady!

Oh.. and everything looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Cute! I like the boo banners. Where did you get the idea from? Looks very similar to Bernadette's.

International Decor said...

i love this topic and your blog :)

Kelly Ann said...

Yay for holiday decorations! Absolutely amazing!

Sparkles and Shoes

Alderberry Hill said...

Thanks so much for linking to Make the Scene Monday, you are being featured later this evening!

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Everything is super cute Dawn! Can you come decorate my place? :)

Dawn Braun said...

Dear Anonymous,

Can't reply back to your questions, since you didn't leave an email...no Boo banners here, just some blocks which I picked up at an antique shop in Grand Forks, ND a few years back. Thanks, Bernadette has fabulous style! :)

Diana said...

How much fun is this!! I love it all!! But I love the owl the most, Im obsessed with them! Found you from Steph at Vintage Modern Wife!

Carla Bonesteel said...

I love Halloween decor, because I love skulls and zombies! The hands coming out of the cemetery is great!