Sponsor ShoutOut

My very first Sponsor ShoutOut goes to Kimberly who blogs over at A Night Owl Blog.

Kimberly is a Mama to two adorable little boys, wife to an amazing hubby and is an avid blogger with some serious people skills. I thought it'd be fun to ask her a few questions, so that you could get to know her too! And if you haven't checked out her BLOG, please do so, she's always got something cool going on!

are you a lefty or righty? righty
how many owls do you currently own? no idea! i'm sure at least a dozen. my husband says i'm going to be the "crazy owl lady" if i keep bringing them home!
what was your favorite article of clothing in high school? nothing stands out in high school, i do remember being crazy for "Bongo" when i was in jr high.
current obsession? other than owls, coffee and instagram

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