Magic Shoelaces by Laceez

Have you ever read the book "Magic Shoelaces" by Audrey Wood?
It was one of my favorites growing up and I still have a copy which
has been passed down to my kiddos. 

After stumbling upon Laceez on Instagram and seeing that 
no-tying was involved, the Magic Shoelaces book came to mind.

The laces arrived in cute drawstring bags and mini boxes
with a drawing on the backs to show how to lace them,
so you too can have magic shoes!

Laceez Magic Shoelaces Review

My daughter snatched up the blue and purple pairs quickly
and promptly threw away her old nasty laces. The XL were 
a bit too long for her shoes, so she looped them through again
and they fit perfectly. The best part, Laceez makes 
for a much faster out the door routine in the mornings for school.
The purple ones made her high tops slip on shoes, perfect
for a trendy girl on the go!

Laceez Magic Shoelaces Review

I can't wait for my four year old to grow out of his
velcro shoes so I can buy him a big boy pair with laces
and give him a pair of magic shoelaces from Laceez as well.

If you want to make your family shuffle out the door
with a bit more ease, I'd definitely stock up on some Laceez!

Laceez Magic Shoelaces Review

Disclosure: Thank you Laceez for sponsoring this post.
All opinions are my own.

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