DIY Wrapping Station

DIY Wrapping Station

Who else is a total sucker for the $1 a roll wrapping 
paper at Target? I am! A place to store my rolls without
all the bent ends which was easily accessible was on my
to-do list and this wall needed a bit of color...

Found this open frame at an antique shop, although it's
not antique, it was perfect and snatched up for a great
price. A box of cup hooks, some mini metal rods
and a finished usable piece that isn't too shabby
to look at when coming down the stairs to the basement.

We already had the bar, hooks and buckets, so hung
a few for washi tape, stickers, etc. I moved the markers 
and scissors onto a high shelf in a closet, since we
still have littles and that would just be a catastrophe
waiting to happen!

A few jars for ribbon scraps and bakers twine. 
The green locker, which will be getting a paint face 
lift hopefully this summer, holds tissue paper, 
small boxes, bubble wrap and other packaging items.

DIY Wrapping Station

The metal rods have a small hole in each end and are 
easily removable when you need to change out the
rolls of paper. A small piece of washi tape is also
a great way to keep the paper from unrolling.

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