10 Fun Photo Scavenger Hunts

Looking for ways to get your kids out of the house on the weekends? From long road
trips to adventurous hikes or zoo days, there are many options to get your kids involved
in a photo scavenger hunt! They’ll love a scavenger hunt since it allows them to search,
discover their surroundings and snap photos of what they find. 

10 Adventurous Photo Scavenger Hunt Printables

Before you begin, double check to make sure you have the following supplies:

  • A smartphone or camera 
  • Pencil or pen
  • Scavenger hunt lists 
  • A grand prize for the winner

The rules are simple, but you’re also free to be as creative as you want. For example,
will you set up groups of teams? Will you add on bonus items to your
scavenger hunt list?

Give each person the list before you start so they have an idea of what to look for.
The first person to find all the items and take a photo within the allotted time is the

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Printable


  1. Select a place and a theme.
  2. Assign a person to be the moderator or judge.  
  3. Decide if you want to separate into teams
  4. Set boundaries within the decided location. 
  5. Set your timer for thirty minutes to an hour.
  6. Award the winner the grand prize!

For scavenger hunt themes, find your favorite printable by Shutterfly below. From the
farmer’s market to the beach or even the airport, there’s an option for everyone. Beat
the boredom with this fun activity. They will love spending time together and at the end
of it, they can even create an adorable photo book to compile your photos, look back
on and remember the fun times! 

10 Adventurous Photo Scavenger Hunt Printables