How to Plan the Ultimate Staycation

No matter if your adventures take you to another country, or you never leave your own backyard, one of the best parts will always be who you travel with. Even if the planning and travel can be exhausting, many of us look forward to taking trips with our family for the whole year. So why have a family vacation only once a year? Staycations allow you to relax and do fun activities with your family, all without the expense of travel or booking hotels. No matter where you live, there’s likely someplace you’ve never been locally that would make for an excellent afternoon for the whole gang.

How to Plan the Ultimate Staycation - FREE Printables

To help plan and enjoy your stay in town Mint created several useful printables. Their staycation scrapbooking printables make a great closing activity for the whole family to reflect on the time they spent together. There's a planning template to get the most out of your itinerary, and a budgeting sheet to make sure you don’t go too crazy with the splurges. Recreate the luxury of having breakfast in bed with their interactive menu. Just because you aren’t traveling to a new place with unique local food, doesn’t mean you have to eat what you normally eat. 

How to Plan the Ultimate Staycation - FREE Printables

Check out all the printables to get started planning your staycation.