New Home Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Moving to a new home, no matter how close or far away, can put a strain on the entire family. And while studies have shown that children 6 and under adapt the best to moving homes in comparison with older children, there are still steps parents should take when moving homes to make sure their children are as comfortable as possible. 

new home scavenger hunt FREE PRINTABLES for kids

Over at The Zebra, they have put together expert tips for parents to follow before, during and after the move to keep communication open within the family and focus on the excitement a new home can bring rather than anxiety that can occur during the moving process. They also created new home scavenger hunts to help kids of all ages get more comfortable in their new home.

By following these tips while moving, putting the children's questions first, playing games in the new home and establishing new family rituals, parents can be set up for a successful transition into their new life. Of course, no home is complete without new home insurance, so make sure to get the best quote possible to protect the home your family will create brand new memories in for years to come.