Be Gentle.

I've started this post so many different times, only to press on the backspace and wipe my words, again and again. They just don't seem right in a way. I'm so very thankful to be creating again but I miss our traveling. I have so many photos and blog posts to write about our journeys but they've had to take the back burner until I can get ahold of my thoughts and sort everything out. Time has gone so slow this year but yet so very fast, it seems to speed up every year I gain another number to my age. Anyone else feel the same way? Jumbled thoughts, not enough time in the day? Just can't get it together?

We moved back to Texas this summer and are still working on feeling settled. It's taken a bit longer than expected with a kitchen water leak that has turned into a full blown kitchen reno. I know it'll be wonderful when it's complete but the fine layers of dust on literally everything we own is wearing on all of us. Washing dishes in the bathroom sink is for the birds but I'm thankful we have running water, a sink to wash in and thank goodness for wine and paper plates! 

Two little furbabies have added so much joy to our family and a lot of extra work as well, feels like we've literally gone back to babies! We wouldn't change it though, we've missed the extra undying love that dogs bring to a home.

Christmas decor is usually up by now and we are wrapping pretty presents to place under the tree but this year, none of that has been unpacked yet. We haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! The only place that looks like we are getting in the holiday spirit is in my craft studio, where I've been locking myself & the dogs during all the noise and chaos of the kitchen reno. I smile knowing that once the dust settles and the house has been deep cleaned, we will whip it into shape and blast Christmas music from every corner! 

I leave you with this little tidbit in this crazy month of December. Be gentle on yourself. Allow for quiet thoughts, even if it's only while you sip your morning coffee before it's cold. Forgive. We all need to forgive the mess, forgive each other and forgive the wine baby that happened during covid. 2021 is just around the corner and it's going to be great but only if we make it that way! 


"always believe that something wonderful is going to happen"