Spread Love and Positivity With Gratitude + Printables

Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for something or someone no matter how big or small it might be. It’s a simple concept, but sometimes it’s easy to forget just how fortunate we are. However, even when times are hard, there is always something to be grateful for. 

It could also be something as important as your health or as small as the warm cup of coffee you drank this morning. Whether you're grateful for something that is big or small, acknowledging your gratitude is a form of self-care that sparks positivity within ourselves.

Expressing gratitude to yourself and sharing it with others offers a variety of benefits including improving your self-esteem and your mental health. If you are trying to incorporate more gratitude in your life to show your appreciation, check out some of these simple ways to start today.

Gratitude Journal Worksheet

Gratitude Journal Worksheet

The importance of self-gratitude is often overlooked, as we tend to feel insecure or are constantly putting others needs before our own. However, learning how to practice self-gratitude will not only help you on a journey to self-love and confidence, but it will also inspire you to make necessary changes in your life for a healthier lifestyle.

You can start by being more mindful of the positives in your life whether it be for others, your health or the roof over your head. Journaling is a great way to take an active step toward taking control over your life as well as improving yourself. To help you get started on your journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle, use this gratitude challenge worksheet to take note of the positives in your life.

Send a Gratitude Card to Someone You Appreciate

friendship gratitude card

Another great way to show your gratitude is by surprising people you appreciate with a gratitude card. It’s the perfect quarantine-friendly way to share gratitude, especially since COVID-19 continues to keep loved ones apart. Whether it’s a significant other, a friend or neighbor, sending a simple card full of appreciation and gratitude goes a long way.  Try this printable gratitude card to send to a loved one to let them know you’ll always have their back just like they have yours.

Learning how to practice gratitude not only spreads positivity and love to those around you, but to yourself as well. Whether you want to express gratitude to someone special in your life or are looking for new ways to practice self-care, a gratitude journal worksheet will serve you well.


Socially-Distant Printables to Welcome Your New Neighbor

Moving to a new place is not only a lot of work, but it can be lonely. Last year, people were buying up houses taking advantage of the historically low mortgage rates. Chances are, you had a new neighbor or two who moved in around your neighborhood. While we all have to keep safe and manage the number of people we come in contact with, there are still ways to make the new kid on the block feel welcomed.

Creating a welcome gift and leaving it on their doorstep is an easy and safe way to make someone feel welcome. Something as simple as writing down a few of your favorite recommendations for restaurants and coffee shops in the area can go a long way. Alternatively, bake a bath of homemade cookies and add a neighborly welcome card for a personal touch. It's probably a good idea to skip the nuts and other common ingredients that may cause allergic reactions!

If you're not much for baking, but you noticed they have little ones while they were moving, grab a coloring book or paint by number activity. Busy moms will appreciate the gesture, and it'll keep the kids occupied long enough to make acquaintances. Grab one of these four adorable printables to spice up your gift for your new friends, but don't forget your old friends while you're spreading the joy to your new ones! These acts of kindness can perk up anyone during the difficult time, and let's face, we've all had a few of those in the past year!


Happy Valentine's Day!

 February has fallen upon us and all the lovely little bits that come with it! (even ice and snow)

To put you in a lovely mood, Mandy Ford has created this super cute free coloring page, you can 

SNAG IT HERE! on her website. 

Sending you warm lovely Valentine wishes your way! Thanks Mandy!


Printable Home Buying Binder for the First-Time Home Buyer

This year has proven to be a hard year for many of us, but surprisingly, it's been a year that many people have become first-time home buyers. With interest rates at a record low, it makes it an ideal time for buyers to enter the market in 2021. Though buying a home, especially for the first time, can seem challenging, it can be one of the most exciting and rewarding milestones in life.

To help make buying a home an easy and smooth process from start to finish, FHA Loans created a printable home buying binder, perfect for those looking to start their journey to homeownership. 


The binder includes: 

  • Questions to ask your mortgage lender checklist: this will help you understand what questions to bring up to mortgage lenders when shopping around for a good mortgage rate

  • Homebuyer preparation checklist: to help you stay on top of your credit score, down payment savings goal and other tasks before shopping for a home 

  • House hunting checklist: to help you narrow down your options, this checklist allows you to check off your favorite features, list pros and cons and rate each home on a scale of 1 to 5

  • Closing checklist: to help you stay on top of tasks before closing on a home like inspections, appraisals and making an offer.   

  • Address change checklist: to help you keep track of who to notify with your new address 

To make sure you have a successful home buying journey, download the free printable homebuyer binder by clicking the button below. 


Things I'm Taking With Me From 2020 - Printables by Mandy Ford

 As challenging as 2020 has been for all of us, Mandy Ford has the right idea with this exercise and free printables. Instead of focusing on the bad, let's look at all the good that has happened, as little as it may be and take that into the new year with us!

Write down 20 things that top your 2020 list and hang it somewhere you can look at daily to remind yourself that #1 you can do hard things, #2 you survived and #3 there are always silver linings!

Head over to Mandy's free printables page on her website to download!

Sending good vibes to you all in this new year! Hello 2021!


Be Gentle.

I've started this post so many different times, only to press on the backspace and wipe my words, again and again. They just don't seem right in a way. I'm so very thankful to be creating again but I miss our traveling. I have so many photos and blog posts to write about our journeys but they've had to take the back burner until I can get ahold of my thoughts and sort everything out. Time has gone so slow this year but yet so very fast, it seems to speed up every year I gain another number to my age. Anyone else feel the same way? Jumbled thoughts, not enough time in the day? Just can't get it together?

We moved back to Texas this summer and are still working on feeling settled. It's taken a bit longer than expected with a kitchen water leak that has turned into a full blown kitchen reno. I know it'll be wonderful when it's complete but the fine layers of dust on literally everything we own is wearing on all of us. Washing dishes in the bathroom sink is for the birds but I'm thankful we have running water, a sink to wash in and thank goodness for wine and paper plates! 

Two little furbabies have added so much joy to our family and a lot of extra work as well, feels like we've literally gone back to babies! We wouldn't change it though, we've missed the extra undying love that dogs bring to a home.

Christmas decor is usually up by now and we are wrapping pretty presents to place under the tree but this year, none of that has been unpacked yet. We haven't even started Christmas shopping yet! The only place that looks like we are getting in the holiday spirit is in my craft studio, where I've been locking myself & the dogs during all the noise and chaos of the kitchen reno. I smile knowing that once the dust settles and the house has been deep cleaned, we will whip it into shape and blast Christmas music from every corner! 

I leave you with this little tidbit in this crazy month of December. Be gentle on yourself. Allow for quiet thoughts, even if it's only while you sip your morning coffee before it's cold. Forgive. We all need to forgive the mess, forgive each other and forgive the wine baby that happened during covid. 2021 is just around the corner and it's going to be great but only if we make it that way! 


"always believe that something wonderful is going to happen"


6 Benefits of Journaling + Prompt Ideas

From aiding you in achieving goals or feeling more confident, the practice of journaling can have a profound impact on your life. Starting a journal is a great way to practice self-care and take an active step toward taking more control over your life as well as improving yourself. Discover the benefits of journaling below and find examples of journals you can start today.

Image credit: USAHS

Not only can journaling be an engaging and fun activity, but it can also help you feel more ready to take on some of life’s biggest challenges. Consider the following benefit of journaling:

  1. Improves Mental Health: Can help you cope with stress, relieve anxiety, and manage depression.

  2. Improves Physical Health: Expressive writing has led individuals to self-report benefits such as reduced blood pressure, improved liver function, and improved immune system.

  3. Drives Self-Confidence: Journals that help you self-reflect or stay organized can help you become more confident.

  4. Boosts Creativity: Taking note of thoughts or ideas that you have throughout the day, can help you come up with big ideas to execute on.

  5. Improves Communication Skills: The more often that you write the bigger your vocabulary will grow and the more you’ll be able to articulate your thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently.

  6. Helps With Goal Achievement: If you record and track your goals, it can make them feel much more tangible and help you stay motivated.

Types of Journals You Can Start Keeping

You should aim to find the type of journal that works best for you when choosing a journal. This is the best way to find a journaling practice that will help you meet your unique needs and goals. Below you’ll find different types of journal that you can try as well as journal prompts to help you get started. See what journal types and prompts resonate with you!

  • Metacognitive Journal: Helps you consider how your environment and emotional state may be impacting your overall perspective.

  • Change Journal: Helps you gain new insights about how your knowledge in a particular area has growth. 

  • Self-Reflection Journal: Helps you figure out how you’re feeling and ways you can live more intentionally.

  • Bullet Journal: Helps you stay organized and complete daily tasks (see bullet journal prompts!)

  • Creativity Journal: Helps you bolster your imagination, find inspiration, and express yourself.

  • Gratitude Journal: Helps you remember what’s important to you and what you’re thankful for.

  • Relationship Journal: Helps you appreciate and learn to communicate better with important people in your life. 

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9 TED Talks Every College Grad Needs to Hear on Life, Money, and Career Success

Whether you’re graduating high school, with a bachelors, or a masters you’re set free. You’ve finally reached your biggest educational goal and are ready to take the world by storm. A gap year may be top of mind, or you may be ready to take over the corporate world. Even though you may be ready to hit the ground running, there are some hard questions you may need to ask yourself. 

Turns out, you may not have learned daily life lessons in school. You may be wondering how to find a budget that works for you, or how to start investing. Staying in your school town may not be your best interest either. Whether you’re wanting to move across the country, or settle back into your home town, it’s time to set a budget that works best for you and your future. 

There are some lessons that could get you ahead of the game. From learning how to break bad habits and create healthy good ones to putting your financial fears to rest. If you’re ready to get ahead of the game and learn what you can before you jump into life post-college, Mint created an infographic with nine of the best TED Talks life takeaways.