Toy Storage

No one tells you just how much 'stuff' babies and kids come with...well, maybe people do but usually you just smile, nod, acknowledge their crazy ramblings and then forget what words or wisdom was passed down to you! My DH (dear hubby) thinks we have TOO many TOYS....
sigh, anyone else have that problem??

Well, I have a solution! 

Have a garage sale...
when your kids are at school or out of town, bwahaha!

I am constantly purging...I keep a garage sale box in a closet and if you don't want to go through the hassle of a garage sale, you can always donate. Now's the time to start doing so, especially since you have to make room for all of the new toys that will be arriving for the holidays. 

Gone are the toys that make WAY too much noise...gone are the little pieces...gone are the broken...gone are are cheap happy meal toys.
(they usually make a home in the free box at my garage sale) 

Then comes the organization of toys. Really we just need to organize everything, it's rather addicting once you get started. I have different areas in our home for the dreaded toys but so far so good. Kids need a place to play, imagine, make car noises, build towns and read books. So instead of saying "no, my kids aren't taking over our house"...make a special place for them. It doesn't have to look tacky or have bright clown colors. Just make it comfy, with a rug and a few of their favorite toys things.

 now you see it...
and now you don't!

this flip top ottoman is perfect for holding some toys behind our couch. Thank you Overstock.com! It came assembled straight to our door, all I had to do was screw on the legs.

How do you like to organize your kiddos toys?

Here are a few ideas that caught my eye on Pinterest,
I'm all for bins or baskets for kids to put their plethora of toys in, it makes clean up so much easier.


SarahJane Miller said...

I am totally OCD when it comes to organization. So this post is totally for me.

Bingo Buttercup Crafts said...


Tarabelle said...

The storage is fashionable too!


The Vintage Modern Wife said...

love the ottoman!

Tiffanie A said...

I love the baskets on the wall!

kate said...

That ottoman is such a great idea! I need organization in my life- the toys are taking over! Found you through the blog hop:)