50 Shades of...Stupid


I stumbled across this link up in the wee hours of the morning and was giggling at my computer, oh my WORD is this pretty lady F U N N Y!! 

Isn't it odd when you are asked a question about yourself, your mind goes blank? Maybe it's just me...Mom-brain-syndrome. If I was asked a question about my kids, now that's an easy one. They can make me laugh literally two seconds after I've just scolded them. Now, I sat for a bit and tried to think of something great, like having my skirt stuck in my underpants as I waltzed through Target but no, that wasn't me. I even asked my hubby for some help in this matter and he said I make him laugh so much it's just NORMAL, haha!

So without further ado, here's what came to mind...

When I was about 3 and I remember this clearly...not really doing it as much as my Mothers shocked face when she saw me but my parent had one of those self-inking address stamps and one night, I snuck downstairs into the office, unzipped my red footed pjs and started stamping it ALL over my body. Maybe I thought it was magic, either way, I was covered with black ink and their name and address, guess I figured I wouldn't get lost if I was dropped off somewhere!

I always give myself a good laugh when I realize that yes, indeed my lady-wear has been inside out the ENTIRE day!

and YES, I have on numerous occasions pushed the button on our Nespresso machine only to have hot water come out and it takes me a bit to realize I forgot to put a new pod in, DUH...need more coffee?!!

Last week I woke up with my night shirt on backwards, yup, got dressed in the dark

Hope I at least could put a smile on your face this morning!! I think I'm in need of another cuppa joe!

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