Sunday Score

I know it's not Sunday...just a day late but here's my Sunday score that I picked up from The Boys and Girls Club for only $2.99 Isn't she pretty? I was going to spray paint her orange but once I put her up on my little shelf, I just loved how she pops off the black. So for now, I'm going to leave her alone. I actually carried her around in the same store about 2 weeks ago but had to put her down in haste. I couldn't wait in line since my eyes started watering so bad, I could barely see...oh well, thought it wasn't meant to be till I went back and saw her waiting there for me! 

Don't you wish some of these pieces could talk?
Oh the stories she seems to have locked inside those pure white eyes.


Tarabelle said...

I love it in white; it looks like a cameo in 3D!



Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

Oh how exciting!!!! Your first piece on your shelf! Thats awesome! Love it :)