Snail Mail

I know I've blogged about two of these goodies BUT I just LOVE snail mail and all three of these lovelies came all on the same day, it was truly like Christmas!

Thank you ladies again for the wonderful treats!

Do you like getting snail mail?...I used to have a plethora of pen pals but it seems like nowadays people don't take the time to sit and write a personal note. It is quicker to text, phone or email BUT don't let this beautiful tradition die out. Hand written notes are simply sweet and straight from the heart. I'm a sucker for a good long letter.

What are your favorite ways of communicating?


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

I love getting letters, too. :) I do love connecting with others online, but there's just something about getting a hand-written letter in the mail!

I do have a pen pal program, if you're interested, check it out here: http://www.thechroniclesofchaos.com/2012/08/write-me-letter-i-dare-you.html.

The Vintage Modern Wife said...

ah i love getting mail. it's like christmas every day i get a package. even the hubs gets jealous because he never gets anything fun!

SarahJane Miller said...

I do love a good phone call instead of a text but nothing is better than finding a hand written letter in the mail from someone who loves you. It warms my heart every time i get one! Thanks for sharing :)


Torrie said...

I LOVE getting stuff in the mail! I participate in a lot of giveaways & craft swaps, as well as pen pals - it makes going to the mail box so much sweeter =)

I also got my mustache tags - they are TO DIE FOR! I can't wait to use one! =)

michelle @ this little light said...

I love getting notes in the mail, and I love hearing when folks feel the same way! So often I feel like it's becoming an art form of the past (do you know some schools do not even teach cursive anymore?!)

Kelley @ TheGrantLife.com said...

ha! I love twitter. Im so sad. Snail mail is fun though. :)