Inspiring Lunchbox Notes to Share With Your Kids This Year

With back to school in full swing, it’s going to be a huge adjustment for most kiddos. After a year of at-home learning, going back to in-person can be exciting, but may also be challenging for some. Many children, and parents at that, have gotten used to this new remote way of doing things. With so much time spent together over the last year, it can be easy to miss them throughout the day now that they’re back in school. 

Because of this, writing sweet lunch notes to your child can let them know you’re thinking of them to add a little pick me up to their school day. The five printables below are the perfect sweet surprise to add to your child’s school bag this year.  

Inspiring Lunchbox Notes

These three lunchbox notes have inspiring messages to send to your child, guaranteed to make them smile. Feel free to color in the images more or add any other messages you see fit. 

Download the inspiring lunchbox notes here

Prompted Lunchbox Notes 

These lunchbox notes include two different prompts you can fill in to send a sweet message to your child. Once you’ve printed them, use the prompts to help you write a personalized message to your kiddo. Let them know why they inspire you and what your favorite things about them are—a sure way to put a smile on their face. 

Download the prompted lunchbox notes here

A simple lunchbox note can really go a long way in making your child’s day. The inspiring messages help boost their self-esteem, while also strengthening the bond you share with them and will continue to share with them throughout their life.

View more lunch box notes here.

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