Sunroom Wall Decor

Every room in our home is starting to feel a bit more complete. 
Yesterday, I finished this wall in our sunroom/mudroom
and love gazing at all the fun pieces.

I used a can of gold spray paint to make a few items 
fit the color scheme I was working towards and...
ta daa

Do you have a wall that is looking for a change? 
Try grouping 'like' items together and lay everything
out on the floor, moving things around until you like
the arrangement, then grab a hammer. Happy Hanging!
An afternoon coffee is always a welcome treat
after a productive day!


LeroyLime Craft Room Reveal

 The BIG craft room reveal is finally here!!! 
I'm happy to say, the shop is now open again and off of vacation mode.
Moving is a far cry from vacation and it feels oh so wonderful to 
call a place home again...

without further ado, please excuse the photo overload
and enjoy my new crafty space!

My old desk, along the back wall. My handy hubby cut the
top down to fit the space and sanded off the dings and marks
from moving...I love the new vintage look of the corners and 
decided to not repaint it.

 The new desk is simple, huge and pretty much
pure awesomeness!! 5 X 5' top with two IKEA shelving
units as the legs and lots of storage, yipee!!

The punch board made it through the move and was
screwed directly into the studs...this bad boy is heavy 
without the punches on there but makes great use
of wall space. I picked up a few new buckets from IKEA
since we live near one again.

I bought these almost 9 years ago (my first Etsy purchase)
and they've been amazing for my ink pads. Keeps them all
accessible and in view so I can easily snag the color or colors
I'm working with at the time.

I love these little bars and picked up a few with the intent
of possibly using them in the space but not sure where or
what for. Once the ink pad holders were up, I needed
something to fill the space between them and voila!
The perfect place for scissors, adhesive and other items
I use on a daily basis.

These old DVD holders from IKEA have been my 
go to for stamp sets...if there's any advice I can give
about organizing a craft room, 
It's a must, products actually get used since
they are in plain sight and aren't stashed away,
clearly forgotten in a bin or box.

Filing cabinets for all of my 8-1/2 X 11" Cardstock

Clear glass jars for visible and cute storage!

I've had one bookcase for years BUT picked up
a second to even out my space. No worries, I had
plenty to put on the shelves! haha

If you use glitter or embossing powder, this is THE 
BEST way to store it. I keep a plastic spoon in each 
container and sprinkle on what is needed directly
over the container with all the extra falling back
inside. Pop the top back on and no mess to clean up!

A skinny IKEA shelf for my 12X12" Cardstock

A small spot between the windows was perfect
for this little shelving unit. My hubby just had to 
lop off a bit from the top molding so it would fit
and he aged it up with the sander.

A bright photo without my chair. I LOVE 
all the natural light that pours in.

What's your favorite part??

 If you need me, this is where I'll be planting my 
backside...off to get some paper cuts, my friends!


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