Moving to a New Place: Tips on Who To Call

Everyone knows that when you are moving from one house to the next, there are lots of things to do and people to tell. Whether these people are your old neighbors or government agencies, notifying everyone of your address change is an important part of the moving process. If you are taking the leap and are planning to move in the near future, here is a checklist to help you cover all of your bases, call all of your friends, and reach out to your family.


Ensuring that your mail will make it to your new address will keep you organized and allow you to receive packages that you are expecting. You don’t want your packages to end up at the wrong house, so establishing the address for your house or new apartment will ensure that they end up on your doorstep. Setting up mail forwarding online will allow you to receive packages for up to a year after your scheduled move.

Banks and financial institutions

Important notices are often delivered through the mail, so you must let your bank and investment companies know that you have a new mailing address. Your credit card companies will also need to know where your new mailing address is in case you need a new credit card and for billing purposes. Change your address online using online banking, or contact a representative at your financial institution.


Notifying insurance agencies that you utilize for necessities like health insurance, car coverage, dental insurance, and life insurance are important. This ensures that you won’t have to make changes to any policies especially if you are moving to another state. 

Friends and family

Although your close circle of friends and some family members may know about your upcoming move, they may not know your new address. Send out a quick fun message with your new address so your friends and family know where you are and where they will be visiting you. 

There are tons of transitions that come along with moving to a new place. Following this guide will help you to feel secure in your big move and get excited about what the future holds for you and your family in your new home! Click HERE to print out a scavenger hunt for your kids or HERE to welcome your new neighbors to the street! Happy moving!