Printable Seashell Flashcards & Scavenger Hunt

Summer is rapidly approaching — and with it, the promise of getting outside again to enjoy some salty air and sandy toes. If your family is planning a future beach vacation — whether in Florida, California, or a tropical island somewhere — you’re probably on the lookout for fun and affordable activities that everyone can enjoy. So what better way to spend a beach day than hunting for seashells?

There are hundreds of thousands of sea creatures that make shells, and each one is unique. Learning about seashells is a great way to get kids curious about marine life and basic biology. To make learning fun, try these printable seashell identification flashcards. They’re a great way to practice identifying seashells if you’re not able to get to the beach right away.

Printable Seashell Flashcards - summer activity for kids

Once you’re able to get to the beach, put your kids’ seashell knowledge to the test by going on a seashell scavenger hunt! The first one to check off five from this printable checklist wins.

Printable Seashell Scavenger Hunt - Summer activity for kids

Seashell collecting is a great way to build lasting family memories. Plus, any treasures you find are free souvenirs! Happy treasure hunting!

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