Curbside Makeover - Take 2

This is the second time I've made over this curbside find, 
that I threw into the back of my car when we lived in
Newport, Rhode Island. You can find my first post HERE.

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

I am over the moon with how this turned out and 
can't wait to get started on my next paint project!

First I sanded off the stenciled design off the top.
I wanted to make sure the top would have a smooth 
surface and not leave a flower impression once I was
finished painting. It's the only portion of the piece I
actually sanded since I knew I would be using the
ever-forgiving chalk paint.

I'm also partial to foam brushed when applying chalk
paint, they are inexpensive and I love that I can squish
them into small areas if needed.

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

This is after the first coat of Americana Decor
Chalky Finish "Yesteryear". It's a beautiful pale
grey color, which I love...but I was going for a 
different look to coordinate with the bathroom
mirror where this piece was to reside.

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

I pulled out my Waverly Wax in Antique and started 
applying it with an old t shirt. If you don't want your
dark wax to look so dark, apply a clear wax first.

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

I quickly wiped on the Antique, working with one 
side of my piece at a time. One I'd finish applying, 
I'd start wiping off the wax and rubbing it in, till
I achieved the more worn look.

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

This is after the Antique Wax has been applied 
everywhere. You can see that I didn't put wax
inside on the bottom sections. I had a different
idea for the inside...since the top piece normally
would've held a drawer which was broken
when I first picked up the piece. There was a 
funny little lipped section that I wanted to make 

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

Before I get to the insides:
Here are two easy clean up musts.
1. Wipe top of containers with a damp
paper towel, so you can easily unscrew 
the lid again.
2. Wear gloves so your hands don't look 
as fantastic as mine did when I finished!

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

 Here is my fix for the bottoms of the insides...
little pieces of wood. I was going to use paint sticks
but Home Depot was out of the large ones. I found
the next best thing and my hubby introduced me to
the saw, watch out world!

I cut them all to fit using the cool little laser light
and that sassy blade and I'm proud to announce,
I still have all of my fingers!

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

 The back corners of the top section had these little 
pieces that stuck up, so my DH helped me cut the
notches out for those pieces to fit inside.

My sweet helper, Satine...she loves her Mama
and I can always count on her to be nearby.

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

Next I pulled out my Americana Decor Chalky Paint
Everlasting, a nice bright white. Painted all the small 
wooden cut pieces and let them dry. After a second 
coat I quickly sanded them down a bit to make sure
they were nice and smooth on the edges and tops.

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

A bit of Elmer's Wood Glue and some golf balls 
did the trick for easy installation of the wooden
pieces and then only one step to go...

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

Just one coat of Minwax Polycrylic Clear Satin
protective finish and I'm proud to say this beauty
is done!!

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture

Here she is in our half bathroom holding 
a few bathroom essentials...

Curbside Makeover Before & After Furniture


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mypixieblog said...

Oh, my goodness--what a great makeover piece! I love seeing before/after pictures of furniture after it's had some TLC. It's amazing how some people can see the bones of a piece and bring out some of its better qualities. Bravo; you did a great job :)

Stopping in from SITS Sharefest today. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Betsy @ Happily Ever After, Etc. said...

This turned out so cute! I love the paint stick idea... since I work at Sherwin Williams they are always readily available! Haha! My little yorkie is mama's best helper as well... she's helping me comment on blogs at the moment by sleeping in my lap! Sounds like she would get along great with your little angel! Thanks for linking up with us at Welcome Home Wednesdays! Can't wait to see you back next week!

Chloe Crabtree said...

I love your re-do! The wood strips inside the shelves look like mini-slip-lap, so cute and creative. I have a couple of projects which will be ahead of me with chalk paint, I am looking forward to trying my hand at it. I am hoping I can find something by the roadside to practice with before I tackle a pair of bedside stands and an armoire. Thank you so much for sharing at Celebrate it Sunday.

Becky at Cooking With Vinyl said...

This looks really great. I see junk like this all the time on the side of the road but am never quite sure what to do with it. Love the idea. Thanks for sharing! Becky

Michelle L said...

This is super cute! I too seem to constantly be painting and repainting all my furniture! Have a great day!

Linda Bouffard said...

Beautiful! PINNED!! Linda @Crafts a la mode

Shanice Bannis said...

Awesome post! I would love to invite you to my new link party The Beautifully Creative Inspired. The party launched on Friday and will continue every Fridays at 9AM eastern time on 5 BLOGS! It runs until Wednesday night :D Hope you can party with us!