How-To Make a Paper Bag Rosette

I recently made decor for a cowgirl themed birthday party. A request was made for much larger rosettes than what I typically make for my banners, so I decided to try my hand at a paper bag rosette. It really is quite simple and I took photos of the process to help guide you during this fun project. They make a great natural backdrop, hung from different lengths of ribbon or twine and you can add any color in the center to make them match your own party or wedding decor.

1. I only used one side of the paper bag and cut the entire back off (the part without the bottom) then cut the large rectangle in 1/2, straight down the middle, so you have two long rectangles.
2. start folding an elementary fan fold, back and forth, back and forth, just try to keep the folds the same size.
3. Attach a strip of adhesive to the inside fold of the ends. I use double sided strong sticky tape (or what crafters call boloney tape, since you peel off the red backing), you can find this at any craft store and it really is amazing stuff! and then depending on how full you want your rosette, you keep attaching more to the ends, to get your desired length. I used three strips of paper bag per rosette.
4. Peel off the last piece of backing from your tape and now you'll have a full folded circle, which you form into a lamp shade shape and then lightly push down the center to form your rosette.
5. Have a hot glue gun handy and insert glue into the center hole and around the top edges where you will be covering with whatever shape or stamped image/message you'd like. Attach that right away.
6. Punch a hole in one top side and string up for decoration. 

You can also make smaller versions of these for your Christmas trees, a fun project to do with your little kiddos or young cousins! Have fun folding!

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