DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

Happy Easter!!!

kidding...it is April Fools after all
and my kiddos did these yesterday, so I didn't have time to post till today.

 The toilet paper rolls with bits of paper stuck on them, I cut designer 
paper and adhered them to the rolls with the double sided sticky tape. 

The bottoms and feet were created with a 1-3/4" Circle and Medium Oval Punches.
The bunny ears were made with the Stampin' Up! Layered Flower Punch. 

I had picked up a bag of candy hearts after Valentines day and thought 
they'd made cute noses. The whiskers are just cut strips of plastic lacing, 
which I usually keep on hand for kid crafts. Of course a cotton ball added 
a bit of fluffy fun to our bunnies backsides! 
Everything was hot glued on and then my daughter had fun drawing 
the mouths onto our finished bunnies. 

 Here the toilet paper rolls were painted white and after they dried, 
round foam brushes made perfect little spots for little hands!

You can fill these with treats or use as Easter decor.

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