Jello Easter Eggs

Another fun craft for your kiddos!
I kept my 5 year old busy washing the
plastic eggs while my older child made the jello. 

Make sure to find eggs that do NOT have the tiny air holes in them and don't forget to spray the insides of your eggs with a bit of pan spray. I sprayed one (forgot the rest, oops) so my kids just used a spoon to dig out their jello, which was still a dessert delight! 

My eight year old came to the rescue while I was standing in the kitchen wondering just how I was going to get the liquid jello into the eggs..."Mommy just dunk them in the jello bowl!"...total preggo brain fart moment on my part, haha! 

So, red fingers later - they washed everyone, no worries - and we had a carton of jello eggs ready to set up in the fridge. 


Rachel said...

Good idea! I just bought the egg mold that jello sells!!

Angela Peters said...

These are so cool!!