Egg Cut-Out Cookies

 Don't have an egg shaped cookie cutter??? No problem, just use 1/2 of a clean plastic egg!

 We whipped up a batch of sugar cookies and of course as I was boiling the eggs, I realized we needed just one NON boiled egg for the cookies, oops! So, I sent my daughter out in the snow to our neighbors house. 

I rolled the dough on a piece of wax paper which was much easier to remove by hand then squish with my spatula, so the cookies kept their shape. The extra dough was rolled and shaped into a big bunny head, which my kids though was pretty funny.

Mama frosted a few, the babe of the bunch frosted and ate his cookies and then the two older kids frosted the rest, I let them have fun and the table (and floor) was covered in frosting, sprinkles & beads - oh joy - but a happy mess indeed!

Happy cookie making y'all!


Alyson McMahon said...

That's a great idea. I'd never have thought to use one. Cute cookies.

Helene said...

what a cute idea!! I love it!!

Sheila said...

Such a great idea for Easter! :)

xo – Sheila
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Alex-Rose said...

Cute and colourful, I love easter baking! :)

Alex-Rose xxx

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