Vintage Horse Themed Birthday Party

I still can't believe my first born babe is now 8! 
She's infatuated with anything that has to do with horses, so after she helped me pick out the color scheme, I got to work on the invites and everything else fell into place. 

A simple invite tied with thick rope twine. I attached
our address label to the backs to let the party girls know where the
sleepover was being held.
The Birthday Girl posing in her PINK cowgirl hat.

I wrapped the two wine pictures we had hanging above the sidebar
in the kitchen to make for a rustic backdrop and to help the color
scheme flow. 
close up of the party invitations
cupcakes for her school classroom

The party girls enjoyed painting their own shirts, cowgirl style...and then a simple peel and stick horse themed craft of bookmarks and a foam boot before pizza dinner, cake and ice cream.

Then popcorn, movies and sleeping bags in the living room and waking up to chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, a great party indeed!
Pink streamers and a few balloons made for an inexpensive but
impressive backdrop behind the kitchen table.

A roll of wrapping paper was the perfect table runner with stamped
horseshoes, punched out with pink hearts.

And treat bag thank you's for the party girls, some rope Twizzlers
with a message from the Birthday Girl.

"Thanks for coming to my party, I hope you had a ropin' good time"

 What's your favorite party theme?? 
I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I enjoyed putting it all together!


SH said...

Love those streamers! And those cupcakes look amazing.

Happy Monday!

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Natalia Lynn said...

What a cute party! I would have loved this, I love horses! Looks & sounds like she had a great time!

April @ illistyle said...

I love the idea of covering your existing art in kraft paper! Genius! I am going to steal that for a bridal shower I am giving next month. I also love the wrapping paper table runner! You are my paper mentor obviously.