Vintage Circus Unisex Nursery Wall Art

After trying to locate all of the nursery photos to share with a friend 
the other day, I realized that I have not properly written a full post 
and shared photos, now that the nursery is completely done. 

The baby will be 9 months the end of this month, can't believe
it!! These photos were taken when she was a little bigger than a
newborn, 14 days old. She was a stinker and stayed awake
almost the entire photo shoot but I LOVE how they turned out.

The wooden Circus banner I found on Pottery Barn Kids for
a steal! Only $10 with free shipping, I couldn't pass it up!

The little red shelves are from Hobby Lobby, the perfect
planking of the repurposed window that I found on the curb
in Newport - thank you hubby for fixing it up a bit!


Kellee the Caffeinated said...

This is so amazing!!! I am so in love with vintage circus!!!!

Natalia Lynn said...

Oh I love it! So precious at that age!! So perfect for the nursery too!