My LeroyLime Workspace

Well, I guess you could say, you can't pinch me in my LeroyLime workspace, 
as my pop of color amidst all the white is non other than GREEN!!

and since Spring is right around the corner, a bit of organization inspiration
for you all - sit back, check it out, enjoy & pop over if you want to create
or just gab over a cup of coffee!

I'm not going to lie...my desk RARELY looks like that
but I just moved a few things to a folding table I use every
now and again when I have large projects I'm working on.

My carpet is either littered with baby toys or cleared for 
my workouts. Where I'm standing to take the photos, 
there isn't a wall, it's an open room, which makes it a nice
space for me to work. I can still be present, not hidden 
away and my kiddos are extremely good about keeping
their tiny paws off Mama's goodies!

I'd love to hear what you think...comments with any questions
you have about something you're struggling with organizing in
your craft room or home. I'd love to help!

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