Laundry Room

A new house...not a rental, 
not base housing, 
just means one thing...
time to make it ours!!

We started in the laundry room closet and added a yummy
half cedar wall, stained Driftwood, which came out a light
grey. I love the grain of the wood and knots 
showing through the stain. Perfectly imperfect!

Here's the wood, cut to size, laid out on our driveway


 Who doesn't love their very own handy man?!! 

 We owned the drawer pedestals, which worked great 
in our last four homes BUT since we don't have a room
and rather a closet this time, no place for dirty laundry, so...
a DIY pedestal, that three laundry baskets fit perfectly!

There was quite a bit of unused space in the closet with 
the funny cutout to the left of the washer, so the hubs
installed two shelves, perfect for storing laundry room
odds and ends.

A bit of yellow paint, which is also going in the 
baby room, brightened up the space even more. 
We love it so much, we just might take the doors off
since they don't really drown out noise...slats and all, ahem.

What's your favorite part of our new laundry space?
Have you updated your laundry room recently, 
add your link below, I'd love to check it out!

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