Teacher Appreciation Week - Day 5

Day 5, the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week. 
I've enjoyed putting together these small tokens
of appreciation for the teachers who continue to 
nurture my children's brains and lives throughout
the school year. With the weekend coming up and
hopefully some leisure time for teachers...a nice
end to the week, something homemade!

Teacher Gift - Teacher Appreciation

I thought I had those handy little throw away
mini pans in the cupboard but no...and since my 
youngest two were napping when I started baking,
I had to use a larger pan and cut the loaf in half.
Hope they don't mind, it still is mouth watering

Teacher Gift - Teacher Appreciation - Banana Bread

I wrapped each loaf in saran wrap and then a pretty
cheerful yellow towel (I picked up a set on sale at 
Home Goods) a bit of bakers twine to hold everything
together and a fun tag, isn't that tiny airstream cute?

Teacher Gift - Teacher Appreciation - Gift Tag

Hope you enjoyed this week of Teacher Gift Ideas
and gathered some inspiration for next year or any
day, just because! It's always nice to receive a gift
unexpectedly and it's good for the soul to be a giver.

Teacher Gift - Teacher Appreciation

Just to backtrack...

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