40th Birthday Gift Idea

We all hate getting older, when we actually are older
but somehow those Birthday's sneak up on us...
year after shining year.

My good friend just recently celebrated a milestone 
Birthday and to celebrate her jokester self, I thought
sending her a pot fill with suckers would at least make
her laugh...it did!

40 Sucks! 40th Birthday Gift Idea

"40 SUCKS"

I picked up a terracotta pot and foam ball from 
a local craft store and a mondo bag
of suckers (thank you Sam's Club) and got to work.
I already had black chalkboard spray paint and gold
lying around, as well as frog tape.

First I taped off the top of the pot where I wanted 
the gold to go and spray painted two coats of the black
chalkboard paint on the bottom of the pot.

40 Sucks! 40th Birthday Gift Idea

After the paint was dry, I peeled off the tape and 
carefully taped off the bottom, black portion. I gently
pressed the tape onto the bottom, so it didn't peel off
the paint and then quickly sprayed the rim and inside
the pot a pretty gold.

40 Sucks! 40th Birthday Gift Idea

Two coats, drying time and then it was time to 
plant some suckers!! I started at the top and worked
my way around. I tried to stick to the Birthday
girl's favorite colors but had to add a bit of green 
to the bottom, we will just call them leaves.

40 Sucks! 40th Birthday Gift Idea

Next a little free hand drawing with chalk markers, 
not super fancy but it gets the job done cause really
...40 SUCKS!! ;)

40 Sucks! 40th Birthday Gift Idea


Anastasia Ivy said...

Aww, how cool is that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for being in my life.