DIY Cozy Neutral Wreath

Cozy Neutral Chenille Wreath - LeroyLime

When the cold weather kicks in, there is nothing like a cozy sweater to warm you up. I decided to try my hand at my second wrapped wreath (you can find the first one here) but this time I used chenille instead of plain yarn. It was fantastically soft to work with and I have quite a bit left over from my roll to use for other projects.

Cozy Neutral Chenille Wreath - LeroyLime

Start by tying your yarn around your foam wreath form and knotting in place, then go to town with your lasso skills and make sure you have a cup of coffee (or wine) handy, it does take a bit of time and patience. I wrapped both of my wreath forms sitting in our driveway while my kiddos played with their toys. As you can see, Satine, our Yorkie, was a big help! Once you've worked your way around your wreath form, knot your yarn in the back and move on to your smaller wreath form and do it again. Practice makes perfect!

Cozy Neutral Chenille Wreath - LeroyLime

I wasn't sure how many flowers I'd want on the wreath so instead of picking up individual felt sheets, I grabbed a pack of felt, a much larger piece that I cut down with my pizza cutter and mat. I have a handy flower die that cut the felt perfectly after I ran it through my Big Shot, one felt piece at a time.

Cozy Neutral Chenille Wreath - LeroyLime

I rolled each flower and then hot glued the back to seal them shut, aren't they cute?!
A small scrap of green felt was turned into tiny leaves, these I simply cut by hand.

Cozy Neutral Chenille Wreath - LeroyLime

After attaching my ribbon to the larger wreath, I hot glued the smaller wreath on top of the larger and then started gluing on the flowers. I added leaves here and there and then hung the wreath on our old curbside free window I picked up in Newport, Rhode Island. Simple, cozy and neutral. 

Cozy Neutral Chenille Wreath - LeroyLime


Anonymous said...

That is adorable! Pinning Now!

Mary K.- The Boondocks Blog said...

So very very pretty. I am going through a phase now where I really like neutrals and this would be prefect for my decor. Thanks for the tutorial.

Claudia H. Blanton said...

how beautiful! I wish I had the time to follow your instructions, but I will be sure to pass them on!

Tracy Snyder said...

This is so pretty! The yarn you used looks so soft I just want to touch it and hug it...ok maybe too over board but it is a very pretty wreath. Good job. Thank you for linking up to the Welcome Home Wednesdsays Linky Party- we go live every Wednesday morning (hint hint)

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

'Very pretty! I'd like to feature this post today at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

JES said...

Love the neutral theme! Thank you for sharing this! I found you via Tuesdays with a Twist :)