DIY Wood Photo Backdrop

I've been slowly changing over my Etsy shop photos to a white background but first had to build one in order to do so. I needed something a little larger since I photograph banners and a small sheet of 12X12 will only stretch so far, so off to the hardware store...

DIY Wood Backdrop for your ETSY shop photos - LeroyLime

I purchased two sheets of TriPLY Underlayment 4X8' - I needed something that was going to be light enough for me to move around but sturdy enough so it wouldn't break in half. No special cuts, I just started cutting different lengths of the boards with a table saw, one board was cut horizontally and the other vertically, so I ended up with short and long boards.

DIY Wood Backdrop for your ETSY shop photos - LeroyLime

Once all the pieces were cut, I lined up all the horizontally cut ones and then laid the vertically cut ones on top in a random pattern. I had to pause to call my Dad and ask how to change out the liquid nails tube, happens to the best of us! and then I started gluing each board in place and put down scrap wood on top to help set it in place.

DIY Wood Backdrop for your ETSY shop photos - LeroyLime

Once everything had set, I waited till the next day, I pulled out the sander and sanded both sides and rounded the corners a bit. The plans were to make one side white and make the other side more vintage but I just kept them both white. Two coats of paint on each side and I have a background perfect for photographing my Etsy shop items!

DIY Wood Backdrop for your ETSY shop photos - LeroyLime

Have you created your own photography backdrop? 
I'd love to see. Link your backdrop blog post in the comments!


Ali said...

I love this idea! A thrifty project that looks fabulous!

Jess said...

Oh gosh! So pretty!

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Theresa said...

Love this idea.i am always on the look for good backdrops. Thanks for joining us at the Inspiration Spotlight. Shared.