Back to School: Printables for the Morning Commute

Now that summer has come to a close, we feel a little sad to say goodbye to the season of travel — that is until the Holidays, which are much closer than we might realize. If you and your family had a chance to take a road trip this summer, you might know how important preparation is for a successful drive. Even those with the most enthusiastic little travelers know that an extensive time spent on the open road can wear on one’s patience. Which is why we love printables for those times when there’s no service or your kids simply need to take a break from the screens.

Back to School: Printables for the Morning Commute

In fact, printable activities aren’t just for the family road trip when there’s hundreds of miles ahead of you. They’re especially great for the morning commute to school or an evening traffic jam. It’s true that you can never have too many tricks up your sleeve when it comes to keeping your kids entertained on the road.

Add this list of free road trip printables to your kids in the car activities, so whether you’re making the morning commute to school or planning for your next family road trip, all you’ll need to do is print them out!

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