30 Waterfalls to Chase on Your Summer Road Trip

Summer is in the air and we are all itching to take some time off to relax, recharge, and refresh. We all want to make our time off from work the best and get the most out of it! If you are searching for that wanderlust feeling, look no further. CarRentals has created a guide on 30 waterfalls to chase this summer while road tripping across the United States. This guide details falls from each region around the US, while also giving information on which falls require a hike or fee, allow swimming, and even the type of falls to expect! Start planning your trip today, happy waterfall chasing!

30 Waterfalls to Chase on Your Summer Road Trip - #roadtrip - carrentals.com

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Southwest Region Waterfalls

Did you know there are numerous tall waterfalls in the Southwest? Most tower over 50 feet, giving your neck a stretch while looking up. Nambe falls in New Mexico stands at 100 feet, and people will even climb a thin strip of rock to be able to stand almost directly under the flowing stream! The South is also known for some amazingly delicious BBQ, which will hit the spot after a long waterfall hike. When traveling to waterfalls around the Southwest region, be careful of spiky cacti and snakes.

Southwest Region Waterfalls - Summer Road Trip - www.carrentals.com

What to Expect:
  • Hot summer:
    • You’ll need to pack lots of water and sunscreen to make sure you don’t overheat or burn. We also highly advise bringing cool clothing and a hat.
  • Dessert surroundings:
    • Watch your step! There are plenty of spiky cactus plants and snakes, which can all be avoided by staying on designated trails. As an allergy warning, there’s lots of dust which could potentially trigger your symptoms.  
Fun Fact: When swimming in the Hamilton Pool Falls, you can swim underneath the 50-foot waterfall because of the cave the falls rushes over.

When traveling from falls to falls, make sure to pack accordingly (water, sunscreen, and proper shoes) and double check the weather that day to make sure you are all prepared. Have a wonderful, refreshing trip chasing waterfalls!

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