Organize Your Drawers

With two months left before the baby...I've gone into full nesting mode. Deep cleaning everything in my path, although it's taking me longer since naps are a must a few times a week! 

Here's a photo of the top drawer in my bathroom, a bit chaotic but I repurposed two vintage green cups I had in my craft room for bobby pins & hair ponies, took out items I no longer use and voila, something worth opening daily!

As minuscule as one organized drawer is, if you set your mind to working hard at one room a day (even if the rest of the house isn't up to par) eventually you'll get through it all. Just don't lose steam 1/2 way through. Then when summer finally rolls around, you'll be able to enjoy those warm months outside with your kiddos instead of cooped up inside cleaning and purging! 

Happy organizing!!


Angela Peters said...

I seriously need to do this!! Asap!

Ange at Hairspray and High Heels

amy mayen said...

Nice job!! I need to spring clean...