Teacher Gift & IG reCAP

The end of the year quickly snuck up on me. I have a fab Pinterest board with all sorts of fun teacher gift ideas and loved the one of a plant or flower in a chalk painted container with a note, "Thank you for helping me grow!". I bought a bucket that I had all intention of painting but the plant I found wouldn't fit, so I just fancied up the tag a bit, added some sparkle amidst the flower petals and voila, something special for my daughters 2nd grade teacher!

What did you create or gift for your end of year teacher gifts?

and although the blog has been pretty quiet for a bit and will be while I take a little break for maternity leave, I have been keeping quite busy over at my Etsy shop, LeroyLime. Here are just a few of the many orders I've tackled...more to come!

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Cathy said...

Very pretty! I'm sure it was appreciated. :)