10th Anniversary Gift Idea & Hunt

Can't believe how quickly 10 years can fly by...but it has and my dear hubby has taken me on an Amazing journey in these past 10 years. We've lived in Germany, ND, TX, RI & back to ND...have 3 + beautiful babies (the 4th is due in June)...we've traveled to places beyond my wildest dreams and have 2 adorable yorkies that give away cuddles and unending love through it all!

We've never been traditionalists when it comes to gift giving but this year, I was stumped...how do I show my gratitude for all my prince has blessed our family with?? I went to one of his guy friends and asked for help. Cause hey, we women aren't afraid to ask for directions when we're lost, right?! 
He suggested going traditional and looked up what the 10 year Anniversary gift is,
Tin and Aluminum.

I may or may not have gone a little crazy with the idea but I had fun putting it all together and the hubs had fun searching for all of his gifts!

I started hunting for items that were either in a tin and aluminum container or that were made of metal. A roll of tin foil was perfect for wrapping them all up too. We've never had a fire pit, so that was the BIG and last gift and since summer is finally upon us here in ND, I themed the rest of the gifts with outdoors and things he enjoys.

Catchy clues were attached to each of his 10 gifts, to lead him on his very own treasure hunt!

#1 - Can of Nuts
#2 - Keg of Beer
#3 - Cigar
#4 - Altoids Mints
#5 - Grill Dude Apron and Glove
#6 - Bug Candle
#7 - Metal To-Go Coffee Cup
#8 - Hotdog/Marshmallow Sticks
#9 - Solar Lights
#10 - Fire pit

Here are a few of my favorite clues...

Gift #5, you're 1/2 way there, it's where you put on your underwear  This one is just perfect for the dude who likes to cook our tasty food!

Gift #8, thought these would be fun to use in the cool summer evening sun. These sticks you'll find tucked on the front porch of one neighborly Brady Bunch.

Gift #10, the very last one is hiding in the garage of a new pinner-on. A place where you've gone to enjoy simple things like drinks, cigars and warm bubbly things!

I'd love to hear how you celebrate your Anniversaries!!


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This is awesome!
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