Teacher Survival Kits

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my kiddos and I've heard so many parents have tears in their eyes, not here...this Mama will be jumping for joy, hallelujah! :) hehe

We met their teachers today and dropped off school supplies. 
Can't believe I have one in 3rd and a Kindergartner! Wow!

Since tomorrow is going to be a busy day, the kids took their new teachers a 
survival kit today. Both teachers were thrilled and one even said she had
never gotten anything like it before, GASP!...come on parents, teachers need
some serious love too! 

It's really the thought that counts...apples are great and all but it's not 1930 anymore!
Can I get a what what for a little Starbucks?! A bar of dark German chocolate, yummy. A water cup filled with mints, cause ya kind of need one after you've had a coffee...and some cute little note cards hand stamped by moi' with apples of course!

I'd love to hear what you gave your children's teachers this year or in years past.
Happy School Year!

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