Easter Egg Wreath with Washi Tape

My kids have been chomping at the bit with our recent
snow fall and lack of outdoor play, so I asked them to help
me with this project. They sorted out fun colored plastic eggs
and wrapped Washi Tape around the openings, while I
wrapped and hot glued everything onto the wreath. 

I didn't have enough of the blue organza to wrap the 
entire wreath, so I pulled out some green paper grass to
fill in the gap. A chevron ribbon left over from a diaper
cake was added before I finished up with the grass. 

I had to put my OCD aside with the washi tape on the 
eggs but the kids did a fantastic job and kept their
creative hands busy for a few minutes, hooray!

A bit of hot glue strategically placed on the eggs and 
taadaa...a finished wreath. I love the fun pops of color
throughout and that we had everything on hand, 
so no trips to the craft store were needed.

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kerri said...

love it! i love that the kids helped too! :)