Guest Bathroom Fix

I've wanted to paint our guest bathroom for quite sometime and with the flock of guests coming to visit in 2016, I took a couple of hours and finally tackled it! 

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

The bathroom is a bit small which is why I chose to paint one single stripe instead of the entire bathroom. Since this room is in the basement, there are no windows which means, no natural light. 
I didn't go the typical horizontal stripe route but instead brought the stripe across the entire bathroom, and up onto the ceiling, like a rainbow. 

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

The taping was done quickly and I've a bit of practice on painting walls with all of our moving around...so I ran a quick light coat of the original builders paint color along the inside of the tape seam, where the stripe would go. After letting that dry completely, I pulled out my roller and got to work. I used two coats because I liked how it looked but probably could've gotten away with just one.

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

I didn't fuss much around the toilet, just took off the top lid and covered the tank with a trash bag. Also for ease of repainting or if I decided I just didn't like the look after I was done...while taping, I kept a border around the trim, which also means I didn't have any paint running onto my trim or crazy touch ups next to the tile and I love the look of it!

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

I ran the vent cover through the dishwasher, hung the curtain back up and re accessorized. 
The little shelving rack above the toilet I picked up from World Market and it's the perfect place to hold washcloths within reach and also bottles of whatever guests bring with them. The counter space is a bit slim with just one sink, so I wanted to keep in mind that my guests would need somewhere to put their items.

Guest Bathroom Painted Stripe - LeroyLime

 New towels are folded neatly under the sink along with a large apothecary jar filled with all sorts of hotel shampoos and such. I hope our guests will feel at home in this small but very useful space!

Paint Color : Gray Frost D57-3


Julie @ Loggers Wife said...

I'm always amazed at how much some cleaning, organizing, and paint do to a space. Looks great! I would never have thought to do a strip like that. (visiting from the Sincerely, Paul link party)

Erin -SuburbanSimplicity said...

Looks like you did a great job! Your guest will love it. Thanks for linking up at #WelcomeHomeWednesdays. Hope to see you next week!

Anonymous said...

We enjoy our 'space' here all private and cozy. Thanks for such a lovely room/bath. You did a great job as always.