Americana Guest Room Makeover

Having a guest retreat is always nice, if you have the space for one. My friend Jaime has a wonderful space in her basement but she wasn't happy with it since they moved in two years ago. She asked for my help and I jumped at the chance to share my interior design passion with her.

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

After assessing the rooms layout, listening to what she had in mind and taking note of the current furnishings, I suggested an Americana theme.  Notice the red and blue artwork currently hung on the wall? I also spotted a beautiful flag that was Jaime's husband's Grandfather's casket flag. The challenge was getting the room finished in a day, so painting the walls just wasn't an option. I quickly scoured the rest of the house for anything red, white and blue and then we headed to Target and HomeGoods.

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

Jaime had a futon and another piece of furniture that held the tv that was given away before the redo. Artwork that wasn't getting used and a few boxes that needed to be gone through. 

Below you see the loot in bags (on the left) after our shopping spree

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

When you think about what a guest needs in a room, just think about what you'd like if you were to stay at someone's house. A place to drop your car keys and wallet, so you don't lose them and it's always nice to unpack your clothes so don't feel like you are living out of a suitcase. Obviously a TV is not necessary in a room but if you already have one in your space, you can work it in.

Items needed for the room:
2 Bedside tables
Small seating area
TV stand to double as storage for guests
A place for guests to hang their jackets
Somewhere for guests to put their keys and wallet

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

We moved the bed out in the larger area of the room, so that guests wouldn't feel like they were being stuck in a corner. Moving it there also allowed room for bedside tables and a lamp on each. The bedside tables also double as storage for guests items and they have a place to set the latest novel they are working on reading.

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

At the bottom of the stairs, we just rehung artwork. The hook board we found at HomeGoods and an extra chair from upstairs is normally in the corner. Perfect for guests to sit down, take off their shoes and hang up their jackets.

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

The trunk was something Jaime didn't want to part with, from her travels in Korea, so we worked it in the room. This is an odd area, with the pole and slanted wall, so instead of using it as a walkthrough, there is now a place for extra blankets and guests to put their luggage. The light up star was the only purchase in this area, from Target.

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

When you pick a theme or color scheme, just remember to keep it simple and you can add either a gold or silver to warm it up. Jaime chose gold after I asker her a few key questions and it was meant to be...the gold accents in the room all came from Target; lamps, bowl on the table and urn in the window. Just those few glamorous touches really helped pull the room together. 

A new set of sheets and comforter, also from Target. The throw pillows and blankets were found at HomeGoods. The tray on the end of the bed is another great place for guests to put their lose things or even place a couple of water bottles and snack for a midnight craving.

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

The couch was a perfect find at HomeGoods. It's comfortable, not too huge and a neutral color which can fit in any space or be reusable in a move. A cozy spot for guests to curl up with a book or watch a bit of tv. The coffee table, rug, bedside tables and tv stand (which also doubles as a dresser) were all from Target.

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

The flag is obviously a statement piece in the room. Isn't it beautiful?! Since painting wasn't an option, the flag adds a glorious display of color on a large wall that otherwise would've been left blank. A curtain rod from Target with small clips, holds it proudly in place. We couldn't center the flag because of the electric panel box on the left but adding a floor lamp to that corner fills the space and still allows accessibility to the switches. Jaime already had the lamp and I encouraged her to spray the base gold and redo the shade with a blue jean fabric,  she did a fantastic job!

Americana Guest Room Makeover - LeroyLime

This space is right at the bottom of the stairs next to the hooks, we found this sweet little shelf from HomeGoods and the wooden bowl is a great spare change grabber along with the gold tray, another find from Target. The shelf can also hold books, a purse or treats for guests.

They've already had several guests and so far everyone loves the room, a space of their own, where they can stretch out, unpack and get comfortable. What's your favorite part of the space?


Chloe Crabtree said...

Just beautiful! This is perfect for guests, particularly all summer long! I love how you used the flag! I would love it if you could take a moment to stop by and share this over at the Celebrate Your Story! link party. Here is the link if you want to come by! http://celebrateanddecorate.com/celebrate-story-26/

Julie's Lifestyle said...

This room makeover came out fabulous! :)
Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.

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Wow! This turned out so great!

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Lori -thestonybrookhouse said...

What a fabulous job! It looks so cool! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It!

Beverly Roderick said...

The room makeover looks great! Your friend is lucky to have you as her designer! Thanks for linking up at Celebrate the USA. Pinned to the party board.

Crochet Hooks said...

wow the room looks great! I appreciate all the hints and tips and advice too on how to set up a guest room or any room. I feel a bit more confident now!