Quick Bench Makeover

We've had this red bench for about 12 years. Picked it up from IKEA in Germany for our small hall entryway and it was the perfect fit. Each home we've moved into, the bench has found a useful spot, except our current home. I actually had it out in our garage sale and I'm surprised no one snatched it up. 

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

The red has left our home for more soothing grey tones but the bench still had so much life left in it, I decided to try to paint it. Looked up a how-to on Pinterest and a few blogs and no luck, total Pinterest fail. After cleaning out a closet, I found a grey tablecloth that we had used as a curtain in our youngest nursery. 

I pulled out the staple gun and started stapling, starting from the center and working my way out. Once I had the long side stapled, the ends were a bit trickier. I've never recovered anything before but you've got to start somewhere.

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

The fabric at the ends was too much to staple, so I pulled it towards the center, stapling as I smoothed out the wrinkles and ended up cutting out quite a bit of fabric before folding over the very top section and stapling underneath. Sort of looks like an elephant's trunk...

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

and now I have the perfect bench for the sewing side of my craft table. When it's not being used, it tucks neatly underneath the desk.

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime

Quick Bench Makeover - Before & After - LeroyLime


aginglikeafinewine.com said...

I think it turned out very well! I've never recovered anything either, so I found your post to be encouraging. One day soon I might give it a try!

Lori -thestonybrookhouse said...

Great job! Not that I minded the red... but the new look, looks so chic and tailored. Thanks for sharing and linking up at Dishing It & Digging It!