DIY - Pantry Makeover

It all started on a scratch piece of paper...

The four large wire shelves just HAD to go. Whoever
can keep their pantry organized and clean with those,
high five! This girl just isn't a fan of wire.

I apologize for not taking a before photo...the wire 
shelves were removed too quickly and thrown to
the curb for trash pick-up.

The hubs spent two days on this project and we 
love the results!! The only thing we changed while
he was cutting and installing the wood was making an
extra pan/tray cubby, so we ended up with four instead
of three. Once we were able to visualize the gap, it just
needed an extra cubby.

Note to self: paint before, touch up later...
I was the painter and couldn't help but get paint
all over me. Obviously, I'm NOT a professional!

With the ceilings being high...putting a large shelf above
would be silly, since we wouldn't be able to get to it, so 
a skinny shelf proves to be the PERFECT spot for vases
since I still haven't opened the cupboard above our fridge yet.

and here it is in it's non cluttered glory!

Have you updated your pantry? Leave a link to your
pantry post in the comments below, we'd all love to see!

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