Fall in LOVE with Decorating

Swung by Wally World today to snag a few of my favorite
glass jars (yup, I just said Wally World) and to my surprise, 
I found a few other fun items, to get me in the mood to pull
out the dreaded but fun orange topped tubs from storage...

Two pieces of black 'creepy' gauze, One large glass jar, One 
black large pumpkin, A sparkly BEWARE sign, A large black owl
and A roll of black sparkly tulle were the only purchases. 
The rest was tucked away, nothing got broken in the move, woohoo!!

I didn't realize my hubby had a fear of rats until last year,
when his co workers would leave them in unsuspecting places
and he'd end up chucking them back at them...haha
...let's see if he can find the two in our house! 

A little bit creepy, a little bit dreamy...
and a lot of fun, don't you think?

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Liz Gardner said...

I remember a young girl who slept upstairs at our house who was deathly afraid of spiders!!! She would scream at the sight of them and I'd have to go upstairs to kill them thinking something really 'seriously' was wrong with that scream! Do you know her? I feel for Jamison and his fear of rats!!! I hate mice as well! I've gotten out of the blog thoughts…keep reminding me to read them. Love you, MOM