DIY - Just Spray Paint It

Paint it....black GOLD!!!

If you happened upon my sunroom wall post
then you know I went a little crazy with the spray paint.
Step away from the can...haha

The reason the wall took me all day,
was because I tweaked a few things here and there
as I was hanging and just so happened to have one
can of spray paint in the house... Thanks to an
impulsive buy at the craft store and because I
give away all of our paint before we moved
this past summer, boo...


The birdcage was fine but looked a little dull, so it
got a new facelift and now sits center stage ready
to clip some Instagram photos to it. Orange wasn't
happening in the room but I love the frame, so of 
course...gold but I'll probably end of repainting it 
black. I even got down and dirty with the screws
for the birdcage since they are visible. I think I
might be painting a few of my hubby's tools next!


This little nugget was tucked away for a rainy day,
with plans to make a Shhh, don't ring, sign...but as
you can see, nada wholada going on with it. It was
however the perfect size and color for 'the wall', so
I dusted off the Cricut and made a very sketchy
stencil. I taped one letter outline down at a time,
using a bit of snail adhesive for the inside little bits
and sprayed. The paint dried fast, so I was able
to move onto the additional letters quickly. By the 
time I got to the 'e', I was pretty darn proud of
myself and will be trying my hand at more of this
in the future but maybe with proper tools.

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