Spooky Mummy - Kid Craft

If your kids are itching for a Halloween craft to make,
this is the easiest one out there, truth!

Just snag a empty TP roll
(we used a roll that used to have tulle on it, so it's a little sturdier)
A hot glue gun (parental supervision needed here), a roll
of toilet paper and a pair of googly eyes (you can find them
at your local craft store or wally world)

I added one drop of glue and pressed the end of the 
toilet paper onto it before handing over to my four 
year old. He wrapped and rolled till all the brown was
covered and then I added one more drop of hot glue
to finish off the other end, so
the toilet paper wouldn't unravel from the roll. 

Two more drops of hot glue that your little one can 
press the googly eyes into and tada....

The easiest Halloween Craft Ever!

I think he's pretty cute too.

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