Pinterest Link Party

Back in November of last year, I threw an Angry Birds Birthday party for my 4 year old. Using Pinterest as my inspiration, I had fun watching all the little birds and games come to life with my own hands!

You can check out my blog posts below, which feature more projects and games.

So, in light of A Night Owl Blog Birthday Bash Week, I thought it fitting to link up Pinterest Birthday party ideas. Here are a few of my fav's...

and we can't leave out the girls


Courtney said...

My daughter would love an Angry birds birthday party! :)

Stephany Hyder said...

Dawn!!! I love it. What a wonderful job you did. I'm so happy you linked up. Love your pins. My Dav's birthday party is tomorrow evening and I am not finished with things. These pins are going to help me. :)

Happy Thursday sweet friend!

allison angel said...

I am happy for visiting your blog, its so interested and heaving great fun. Birthday party ideas